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The current student job market is saturated with talent. Employers often aren’t sure where to turn for the right hire. Meanwhile, students don’t know how to get a foot in the door of the industries they love.

Uniskills bridges this gap, helping businesses get more done while giving students real-world, paid experience.

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The current student job market is saturated with talents. Often, employers aren’t sure where to turn for the right hire. Likewise, students and graduates are unsure about ways of entering industries they love. UNISKILLS bridges the gap between fresh talents and the businesses that need them most.


Upload a video CV to demonstrate your personality and creativity.


Publish/share a portfolio to showcase your talent.


Get involved in projects that suit your interests.


Gain transferable skills through experience whilst studying.

Benefits for student

Rather than concentrating on CVs, UniSkills is a dynamic job site that prioritises video. So, job seekers can show off their amazing qualities in-person!

For students, this gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and personality; for employers, it gives you a clear impression of what prospective employees bring to the table. UNISKILLS also allows businesses to shortlist candidates for employment!


Video CVs give you better impressions of candidates


Direct contact with applicants.


Only suitable applications are matched to your advertisement, thanks to our tagging system.

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